Gevangenen voor vrede, erelijst 1999

Ieder jaar publiceert onze internationale organisatie War Resisters International een lijst van mensen die gevangen zitten vanwege hun werk voor de vrede. De bedoeling is dat u ze met de feestdagen een kaartje of een briefje stuurt.
De erelijst bevat namen van mensen die gevangen zitten wegens dienstweigering of geweldloze acties tegen oorlogsvoorbereiding.

Aanwijzingen voor het zenden van kaarten en brieven:

De lijst is in het Engels, voor vertaling ontbrak ons helaas de tijd.

* Samvel Manukyan
(in 07/97 - out 05/00)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness, reported to have been severely beaten.
g Kosh, ITK, Nachalniku,
* Karen Voskanian
(in 09/98 - expected out 04/01)
Objector, Jehovah's Witness.
g Gyumri, SIZO, Nachalniku,
* Gagik Ohanian
* Artur Stepanian
* Armen Asoian
* Grigor Daian
* Artur Martirosian
* Ruslan Ohanganian
* Gurgen Sevoian
All are imprisoned as a result of their conscientious objection to military service.

Although we are unaware of anyone in prison on 1 December, during 1999 at least 20 peace activists from Bread not Bombs, Ploughshares,Trident Plough-shares, Campaign for the Ac-countability of American Bases and Aldermaston, Sellafield and Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camps were imprisoned for antimilitarist non-violent action with sentences ranging from 7 days to 9 months.

* Jukka Johansson
(in 13.7.1999 - out 29.1.2000)
Suomenlinnan työsiirtola,
Suomenlinna C, 86,
00190 Helsinki
* Tom Kettunen
(in 21.9.1999 - out 8.4.2000)
Turun lääninvankila PL 212 20101 TURKU
* Otso Kivekäs
(in 19.10.1999 - out 6.5.2000)
Helsingin työsiirtola
01531 VANTAA
* Nakke Leppänen
(in 11.10.1999 - out 28.4.2000)
Helsingin työsiirtola
01531 VANTAA
* Antra Löövi
* Haminan työsiirtola
(in 18.8.1999 - out 6.3.2000)
Karjakatu 25 49400 HAMINA
* Otto Salin
(in 4.10.1999 - out 21.4.2000)
Helsingin työsiirtola
01531 VANTAA
* Niko Salminen
(in 15.9.1999 - out 2.4.2000)
Helsingin työsiirtola
01531 VANTAA
* Kim Åke
(in 30.8.1999 - out 17.3.2000)
Suomenlinnan työsiirtola,
Suomenlinna C, 86,
* Tuomas Heikkila
(in 08/99 - out 03/00)
Keravan nuorisovankila, PL 133,
04201 KERAVA
The following total objectors have been released this year
* Juan Meneses, Mikko Suonpää, Mikko Juhanantti, Mika Iisakka, Kai Hall, Jan Hellsten, Juri Rosenberg, Markus Latvala, Teppo Salonen, Harri Mulari.

* Budiman Sudjatmiko
(13 years, PRD chairman)
* Ignatius Damianus Pranowo (9 years, PRD member)
* Gusti Agung Anom Astika
(4 years, PRD member)
* Petrus Haryanto
(8 years, PRD member)
* Suroso
(7 years, PRD member)
* Yakobus Eko Kurniawan
(8 years, PRD member)
* João Freitas da Camara
(10 years) East Timorese, organised a protest against the Santa Cruz massacre, 1991.
All the above prisoners are held in:
LP Cipinang, Jakarta, Indonesia
* Dita Indah Sari
(5 years, PRD member, union organiser)
* Garda Sembiring
(12 years, PRD member)
Both held in:
LP Tangerang, Jakarta,
* Francisco Miranda Branco (15 years) East Timorese, made banners for march to Santa Cruz cemetary, 1991.
* Gregorio da Cunha Saldanha (life) East Timorese, helped organise march to Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991.
* Jacinto das Neves Raimundo Alves (10 years) East Timorese, organised a protest against the Santa Cruz massacre, 1991.
* Saturnino da Costa Belo
(9 years) East Timorese, helped organise march to Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991.
All are being held in:
LP Semarang, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

* Mordechai Vanunu
(18 years)
Ashkelon Prison, Ashkelon, Israel
Nuclear whistleblower convicted of espionage and treason - kidnapped 9/30/1986. More information available from US Campaign fro Free Mordechai Vaunu, 2206 Fox Avenue, Maddison W1 53711 USA (+1 608 257-4764;
* Lotahn Raz (#6963940)
Political objector, spent three almost consecutive terms of imprisonment between 8 Aug. and 8 Oct. 1999. He has been exempted from military service.
* Walid Nafa
Druse objecting to serve in the Israeli army on national and political grounds, was held in prison between 1 Jun and 10 Sep. this year. This was his 7th and last term of imprisonment since March 1997. He is now exempted from military service.
* Oleg Bar-On
Pacifist, spent four terms of imprisonment between Nov. 1998 and July 1999. He is now exempted from military service.
* Yehuda Agus
Anarchist resister, was imprisoned twice at the beginning of the year. Not officially exempted from military service. At the moment he is outside Israel as he might be in danger of imprisonment if he returns to Israel.
* Dimitry Sokolik
Pacifist, spent three consecutive terms of imprisonment between 30 June and 22 Aug 1999. He has an order to report to service again on 22 Nov, which is likely to be the start of his next term of imprisonment.
* Mauritzio Lazaleh
Was imprisoned once between 6 and 18 Sep. 1999. He has been exempted from military service.

* Oscar Lopez-Rivera (#87651-024)
USP Terre Haute, PO Box 33, Terre Haute, IN, 47808, USA
* Carlos Alberto Torres
FCI Oxford, PO Box 1000, Oxford, WI, 53952, USA
* Juan Segarra Palmer
PO Box 819, FCC-MED.A-3/4, Coleman, FL, 33521, USA
* Antonio Camacho-Negron
c/o National Committee
P.O. Box 2000
White Deer, PA-17887

* Elías Rozas Alvarez
* Ramiro Paz Correa
* Plácido Ferrándiz Albert
* Raul Alano
* Ignacio "Tasio" Ardanaz
* Javi Gomez
* Rafael "Fali" Fernandez
* Alberto Naya
* Josef Ghanime
(Total objectors, in 08/1997)
All three are held in:
Prision Militar de Alcalá, Ctra Alcalá-Meco, km 5, 28805 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, State of Spain.
* Unai Molinero
Contact: c/o KEM-MOC, Iturribide 12-1 D, 48005 Bilbao, Euskadi, State of Spain.
* Carlos Pérez

* Akin Birdal
* Attn. Mihriban Kyrdok
* Attn. Muharrem Copur
* Attn. Guzel Yarar
* Attn. Eren Keskin
(IHD, Human Rights Society, Chairman of the Ystanbul Branch)
* Mukaddes
(a member of the IHD administration)
* Leman Yurtsever
(a member of the IHD administration)
* Sensver Kaya
(member of the IHD administration)
* Umit Efe
* Ozer Kazak
* Zehra Yylmaz
* Cemile Atmaca
* Hasan Tap
* Mehtap Kurucay
* Kenan Bulut

* Roman Sidelnikov
(in 06/1998 - out 05/2000)
g Chardzhau, ITU, Nachalniku, Turkmenistan
Sentenced to two years conditionally in May 1996 for refusing call-up papers, but amnestied six months later. Sentenced in June 1998 to two years' imprisonment for "draft evasion".
* Oleg Voronin
(in 09/1998 - expected out 10/2003)
g Gushgi, ITU voennogo naznacheniya, Nachalniku, Turkmenistan
Sentenced to five and a half years for "evading military service", after he was forcibly removed to a military unit. He is believed to have been severely beaten and to have been refused a lawyer, No one has had access to Oleg Voronin since his detention in Gushgi military prison.

* Tom Lewis-Borbely (#03609-036)
Sentenced for 3 months for refusing to pay restitution.
c/o 136 Austin St., Worcester, MA 01609, USA
* Martha Scarborough
* Joyce Parkhurst
Defence action at Nevada nuclear weapons test site.
c/o Nye County Sheriff, Detention Center, POB 831 Tonopah, NV 89049, USA
* Michele Naar-Obed(12 months)
c/o Jonah House, 1301 Moreland, Baltimore, MD 21216, USA
"Jubilee Plowshares/East" direct disarmament of fast-attack submarine,8/95. Probation revoked, returned to prison, 7/99.
More information from
* Daniel Sicken (#28360-013) Sentenced for 41 months
FPC Lewisburg, P.O. Box 2000, Lewisburg, PA 17837, USA
* Oliver Sachio Coe (#28361-013)
Sentenced for 30 months
Unit AD, FPC Allenwood, P.O. Box 1000, Montgomery, PA 17752-9718, USA
"Minuteman III Plowshares" direct disarmament of nuclear missile silo, 8/6/98.
More information from MM III Plowshares Support, c/o Citizens for Peace in Space, POB 915, Colorado Springs, CO 80901, USA.
* John Patrick Liteky (#83725-020)
Sentenced for several blood pouring protests against the School of the Americas at the Pentagon on 29/09 and 20/10/97 and at Ft Benning on 25/02/98.
FPC Sheridan, PO Box 6000, Sheridan, OR 97378-6000, USA
* Fr. Bill Bichsel SJ (#86275-020)
FPC Sheridan Unit 5, P.O. Box 6000, Sheridan, OR 97378-6000, USA
Released before 1 Dec.:
* Lauren Cannon (30 days)
* Kateri McCarthy (30 days)
MCI Framingham, P.O. Box 9007, Framingham, MA 01704-9007, USA
* Eddy Dyer (30 days)
* Sean Donahue (30 days)
* Jonathan Leavitt (30 days)
Lawrence Alternative Correctional Facility, 165 Marston St., Lawrence, MA 01841, USA
* Scott Kenji Warren
(sentenced for 30 days)
Essex County Corrections Facility, P.O. Box 807, Middleton, MA 01949-2807, USA
Blockade at Raytheon corporate offices, 5/99 - in 10/99

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